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     Prajum-Yarm is a pendant with the name and form derived from Thai classic pattern. With raised center set with gemstones, pierced work replaces lines of the original pattern. Two variations of Prajum-Yarm are the male and the female with the latter being bigger and further decorated with dangling ends. The back of the pendant is usually chased.


Kanbua(Lotus stem) and Huabua(Lotus) Bangles
     Ankle bangles for children are usually of round cylinder of sloping ends decorated by simple line chasing. The bangle body is slightly bendable and it will be worn by sliding the ankle sideway between the two ends. Other variation is of lotus ends worked by chasing and repousse. This bangle, then, can be supposedly called Huabua Bangle. The true Huabua bangle is generally of pink gold body and golden lotus ends. Unlike the Kanbua, the body is unbendable. Assembly is secured by a screw bolt at one golden end. To wear, the bolt will be unscrewed and the end drawn out. The lotus and decorative pattern is intricately engraved.




Puang-Taorang Dangling Earrings
     The earrings owe their inspiration to the dangling fruits of Taorang tree, a kind of Thai betel nut. Puang-Taorang top part is similar to the lower part of Kradoom or Dokbua. The dangling part is ended with a tiny sheet of diamond shape resembling a leaf of Taorang. At the movement of the wearer, the earrings will swing freely just like Taorang in the wind. With the work truly retaining those pronounced feature of the fruits, the earrings form stands out fashionably. Of decades old and nature-inspired yet the design never goes out of style.
Pavalum (Chinese-Lantern-like Jewelry)
     Pavalum jewelry reflects the influence of Chinese belief: the lantern symbolizing brightness, progress and prosperity. The outstanding hexagonal-cylindrical wired structure is decorated with asterisks formed by 2-ply wire. The 3 asterisks on each side of Pavalum bear tiny flat pollens or the goldsmith may add the golden pollen only on the center asterisk. The lace-like pattern is meticulously worked by filigree techniquea distinguished craftsmanship that is a major attribute of Phetchaburi style. The delicate craft requires so immense the skill on the part of artisans that, undoubtedly in the old days, it was exclusively preserved for and was refined through the production of paraphernalia for high-ranking nobility and the royal family. In Rattanakosin era, the style became more elaborate with embedded rubies at the pollens of asterisks; the technique has been applied to extensive jewelry fabrication as well. For a necklace or bracelet, each Pavalum is parted by a plain golden bead, a suitable spacer between two wire-textured Pavalums.
Luk-Mai (Fruit-inspired Jewelry)
     Luk-Mai jewelry originated back to Ayutthaya period (500-600 years ago.) Thailand has remained predominantly a country of agriculture on the land blessed with fertility, thus nature being one of its prime and enduring influences. The form and its movement visually convey the name and clearly reflect the inspiration of the creator.

King of Naga Ring/Bangle
     Naga is a mythical half-god creature that symbolizes water and fertility as well as the Protector of Buddhism. It is also believed that naga can incarnate or transform itself into human being. The great naga is associated with supernatural power of fulfillment of life or even survival from fatal attack. The great naga is generally present in the design of ring and arm-bracelet worn by the king to represent power and might over his kingdom and subjects.
     The King of Naga ring is thus favourably put on the index finger, Naga facing the thumb, which is considered the finger to order. The head of Naga is relatively the biggest part, slimming down to the tail. The engraved pattern on the back and sides is similar to Thai classic motif of Kanok Plell. Furthermore, the scales and the inside of the ring or the inner part of Naga body would be engraved to furnish the undecorated surface. The red and green enamels were further applied. In addition, one of the prominent features other than such fine skills in shaping, engraving and enamelling, is that the tongue, with or without red enamel, is movable.
Chan-Maprao (Coconut Flower)
     Chan-Maprao is inspired by the flower of coconut tree. A coconut is considered sacred fruit used in most ritual ceremonies in Thai lives, common or royal alike. From the important fruit comes a unique style of ornament. The work consists of tiny spiral wirework and granulation forming the frame that encircles the gemstone. The ring shoulders display wired Pikuls.
Luksone (Pinecone)
     A Luksone resembles a pinecone. The wired structure is furnished with decorative particles named Pikul formed by certain set of golden minute spheres. According to Ms. Thongkum Thong-Sumrit, the third-generation Phetchaburi goldsmith, the original Luksone is decorated with plain spheres. That was replaced by the present version of tiny Pikulgrouped several minute spheres. The work shows a distinctive form inspired by nature and the ingenious technique of wirework and granulation, with the exquisite craftsmanship of Phetchaburi goldsmith craft.

Pirod Ring/Bangle
     In ancient time, Pirod is an amulet ring made from sacred cotton sheet or thread. It is believed to protect one against harm, bad luck and evil. Bejeweled Pirod rings are mostly embedded with Nopparat (Nine Gems) in preference to one kind of gemstone. The fully elaborated Pirod ring is of Nopparat and is enameled in red and green.
     Pikul trees are generally found in temples. It is believed that Pikul is an auspicious dwelling of holy beings. The flower, Dok-Pikul, small and delicate with long-lasting sweet scent, is one of the all-natural ingredients of Thai traditional scented talcum powder and perfume; of which the formula was exclusively refined in the court. Each gold Dok-Pikul is intricately formed by tiny spiral wire and minute spheres. Pikul is used to elaborately decorate other Phetchaburi jewelry. Three kinds of Pikul can be identified as follow: the first formed by 5-6 minute spheres with other 1on the top, the second formed by encircled tiny spiral wire, and the third formed by encircled spiral wire topped with a sphere. In a style of Pikul encircling the main gemstone, Dok-Pikul frame stylishly enhances the beauty of the stone. The shoulders of the ring fashion wired Pikuls.
Noppakao or Nopparat Ring
     Noppakao or Nopparat or the jewelry of Nine Gems is believed to bring individual powers and blessed fortune. In the old days, military leaders would wear Noppakao jewelry as a charm to bring victory. The Nine Gems comprise precious and semi-precious stones: diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, emerald, garnet, zircon, cats eye and moonstone. With exception for diamond, the Gems are always of cabochon cut. The ring of genuine Noppakao design will have 3 tiers.
Ta-bai Ring
     Ta-bai ring is typically set with gemstones or mine-cut diamonds. The name Ta-bai, meaning to file or a file, derives from the technique used to create the decorative pattern on the ring.
Ancient Ayutthaya Ring
     The ring was presumably the privileged adornment for the nobility in the ancient period or Thai monarchy. Bestowed upon the owner for his favourable merit by the king, it was inevitably and primarily worn to make distinction of ordained rank and title. By its origin as well as its appearance, the ring conveys power. The decoration consists of remarkably elaborate patterns and various kinds of precious stones. A variation of style can be made by adding or reducing golden minute spheres and diamonds, or changing the central coloured stone.
Butterfly Ring
     Just as the name implies, the ring set with colourful gemstones bears canny resemblance to a butterfly. The dangling part replaces the antennae. The design is also adapted to the earrings, with variations of the one retaining the ring design and another applying only the slight outer form into filigree technique. The latter is completed with dangling laces of 2 gradual sizes of butterflies.

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